Holy waste

For this project, an initiative of Gemeente Amsterdam, called 'Amsterdam maakt er wat van', a group of 6 young fashion designers had to create each a collection of 3 outfits from waste (old clothes) collected from Kings day. This resulted in an amazing fashion show, part of AMSTERDAM FASHION WEEK - JULY 2017.


My collection 'Holy Waste' tells a story that certain things which are considered to be waste can be given restored beauty and value. It carries the message that negative and sometimes ugly emotions can be transformed into positive ones. Old clothes, at first sight garbage, have been ripped, transformed into endless cords and knotted together to create new shapes. They represent the strength and the beauty which can be obtained by dark emotions. It places women on a pedestal, makes them holy. All women should be queens of their dark dreams, in control of their emotions. Resurrected from a dumping ground. 


We all can participate, consumer, industry and government, in producing less waste and be more sustainable when it comes to Fashion. In the end we should aim to close the loop, have no waste at all and only make sustainable clothes to maintain our planet. This for sure is a challenge, but small steps will eventually lead to bigger ones and someday to a complete sustainable fashion industry.


Photos by Team Peter Stigter