Ariëlle van der Vaart

I am a 27-year old Fashion Designer, and studied at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (Netherlands). My passion is designing clothes and creating new atmospheres around them. I believe that in these times, where you can buy a T-shirt for 2€, we need to take a step back and learn to value our clothes more. The work and the heart we put in our clothes together with the story that the garment tells us, by being bought and/or worn, is for me the most important.


I would like to invite you to take a look at my portfolio. If you're interested in my work and/or a collaboration, please send me a message.


See below for my latest projects.

time will tell - okt 2018

'Time will tell..' is a project developed by Nanette Hogervorst, author of Our World - Het Our World Platform. Together with 3 other designers & 2 sparring partners, old disposed clothes were transformed into beautiful new ones, with restored value. Each designer made there own mini collection, characterized with their own personal style. Here you can find more information. Curious how the end result will turn out? Stay tuned.

sustainable kimono dress - may 2018

This sustainable dress was made from 100% organic silk and naturally dyed with madder root, without the use of any toxic chemicals. Inspired bij the traditional Japanse kimono the dress is wearable for multiple sizes. The pattern of the dress was made in a 3D virtual design program to speed up the design process and to combine craftsmanship with the technology of the future. Here you can find more information about the project. On the photos below the dress is worn by Anne-Marie Fokkens.

made with love - jan 2018

'Made with Love' was the title of a small exhibition @denieuwebibliotheek, Almere (January, 2018). It represented work which was also shown during the 'Points Made' fashion show, an annual fashion show for young & innovative designers living in Almere. The collection is partially made from recycled materials and combined with craft & special knot techniques. To create unique & durable fashion pieces at the same time. 

dress Prinsjesdag - sept 2017

This durable dress was made for Stientje van Veldhoven. She wore it during 'Prinsjesdag' (19 September 2017). Together with Amber Slooten, specialized in digital fashion, a 3D body scan of Stientje was made. The pattern of the dress was created with a virtual 3D design program, to reduce the number of prototypes and for an optimal fit. The fabric is a sustainable biological wool and stitched with Wear2 yarn; heated at a high temperature the yarn will automatically dissolve. In this way the dress is very easy to recycle. Here you can find more information.

amsterdam fashion week: holy waste - jul 2017

'Holy waste' is the result of my partaking of 'Amsterdam maakt er wat van', a group of 6 young fashion designers created each a collection of 3 outfits from waste (old clothes) collected from Kings day. This resulted in an amazing fashion show, part of AMSTERDAM FASHION WEEK. For more information, click here.