SUSTAIN is a collection which stands for the future of fashion. Not seasonal, but ment to last. Made out of only recycled and/or discarded clothes and materials, it represents the message that the fashion industry has to change. From a linear to circular system. The industry, governments, consumers and designers should all together aim to re-value our clothes. We should recycle, repair and re-value the clothes that we wear. Make them last for generations and keep reviving them. Sustain the clothes we have.


I am a 32-year old Sustainable Fashion Designer, and studied at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (Netherlands). My passion is designing clothes and creating new atmospheres around them. I believe that in these times, where you can buy a T-shirt for 2€, we need to take a step back and learn to value our clothes more. The work and the heart we put in our clothes together with the story that the garment tells us, by being bought and/or worn, is for me the most important.


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